Ben Baker 334-774-2355
Lamar Brooks 334-774-2355  Extn: 23221
Associate Superintendent Email Lamar  Brooks
Lisa Harden 334-774-2355  Extn: 23221
Secretary to the Superintendent Email Lisa Harden
Jesse James (334)774-2355  Extn: 23233
Chief School Financial Officer Email Jesse James
Mae Ola Bell 334-774-2355  Extn: 23227
Accounts Payable Email Mae Ola Bell
Juan A Cepero 334-774-2355  Extn: 23231
Technology Director Email Juan Cepero
Denisa Clark 334-774-2355  Extn: 23230
Child Nutrition Email Denisa Clark
Julie Gill 334-774-2355  Extn: 23228
Special Ed Email Julie Gill
Karen Goodson 334-774-2355  Extn: 23226
Payroll Email Karen Goodson
Beverly Lampkin 334-774-2355  Extn: 23229
Special Ed Email Beverly Lampkin
David Lee 334-774-2355  Extn: 23232
Curriculum/Instruction Email David Lee
Mickey Outlaw 334-774-2360
Transportation Email Mickey Outlaw