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Reopening Dale County Schools w/ Amendment A (Adopted 7/30/20)


Message from Superintendent Ben Baker


Dear Stakeholders,

I want to begin by saying how very thankful I am of the excellent work and dedication displayed during the events of this past spring. We all - families, teachers, school support staff, and community members pulled together to finish the school year during a worldwide pandemic. We had all hoped that by the fall we would no longer be concerned with COVID–19. This did not happen; the virus continues to spread and affect our daily lives. However, life must go on, and we MUST educate our children. The leaders of the Dale County School system have created this plan with guidance from the Alabama State Department of Education and the Alabama Department of Public Health to reopen schools. We have developed a plan to bring students back to campus for the 2020-2021 school year. We have many learning deficits to fill and we have curriculum gaps to overcome, but we have shown when we work together we can accomplish much. I ask for your patience, your understanding, and your trust as we work together to educate the youth of Dale County. I reach out to you, not only as your Superintendent, but also as a parent; that WILL be sending his child back to school with no reservations. We have a plan to keep our schools clean and sanitized, to educate students on do’s and don’ts, and to make the most out of a difficult situation. This year will be complicated, frustrating, and at times chaotic. Together we will push through and at the end of the crisis rejoice in our success!

202 S. HWY 123, SUITE E | OZARK, AL 36360 | PH: 334-774-2355