School Health Services

This section includes information concerning school health issues.  Under Forms you will find a Medication Authorization Form and a Health Assessment Form.  Documents include information regarding: 

  • Too Sick For School 
  • Medications at School
  • Immunization Requirements

School Nurse services include:

  • Medication administration
  • Routine identification & evaluation of sickness
  • First aid/emergency care
  • Health assessments & referrals - Vision, Hearing & Scoliosis screening
  • Health & Wellness - Education & Counseling for student and faculty
  • Infection control
  • Student Advocate

Websites for Parents


"Parents have the responsibility for the health of their child(ren).  You are strongly encouraged to communicate any health concerns with your child(ren)'s School Nurse.  Together we can help you child(ren) succeed."


School Nurses

~Donna Grantham R.N. Lead Nurse

George W. Long Elementary - (334)774-0021

George W. Long High School- ( 334)774-2380 


~Kim Ingram L.P.N.

Ariton School (334)726-2371


Jazmine Harper L.P.N.

Dale County High School- (334)983-3541


~Hope Smith L.P.N.

Midland City Elementary School- (334)983-4591


~Jennet Ammons L.P.N.

Newton School- (334)299-4591


~Amy Gulledge L.P.N.

South Dale Middle School- (334)983-3077