Mr. Ben Baker, Superintendent Dale County Schools


Dale County Schools – Destination: Excellence

When families make the important decision of selecting a school for their children they usually consider these important factors: 1 - School Safety; 2 - Student Achievement; 3 - A Caring Environment.  The seven schools of the Dale County School system offer these important factors and so much more.   

The Dale County School system currently has seven schools located across rural Dale County.  Dale County Schools have a rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence.  The schools have tremendous community support and pride themselves in providing a quality education to the young people of the communities.  The faculty and staff of each school is very dedicated to providing a safe, disciplined, learning environment.  All stakeholders work hard to prepare ourselves, our campuses, and our programs to bring academic and athletic excellence to our students.  We pride ourselves in producing well rounded, moral, and knowledgeable students.  Our students grow and learn because of the support of our parents, businesses, partnerships, and community leaders that help mold our students into productive members of society. 

Dale County Schools continue to meet established state and national standards.  Dale County School system stakeholders raise the bar each year to push our students and teachers to increase our level of achievement.  As the superintendent, a parent, and as an alumnus it makes me proud to say that we have one of, if not the best, academic school systems in the region.  Teachers are dedicated in making sure every class meets its proficiency rate in Math and Reading as required by state and federal legislation.  We are very proud of our academic accomplishments!  We understand this is a result of great teamwork from our staff, parents, and students.

I would encourage you to tour one of the great schools located in the small, rural settings of Dale County.  These small, rural communities offer small class size, compassion, modern technology, and academic achievement that has brought our school system national and state recognition.  We are proud Purple Cats, Rebels, Warriors, and Wolverines.

Ben Baker – Superintendent, Dale County Schools

Ben Baker

Mr. Ben Baker