Special Education

The Special Education Department promotes opportunities for gifted and disabled students to participate in educational activities designed to facilitate maximum student achievement.  A full range of services, meeting the needs of all identified disabled students (Pre-K - 12), is offered in all schools in the Dale County School System. Disabilities recognized by the State of Alabama include Autism, Deaf-Blindness, Developmental Delay, Emotional Disturbance, Hearing Impairment, Mental Retardation, Multiple Disabilities, Orthopedic Impairment, Other Health Impairment, Specific Learning Disability, Speech or Language Impairment, Traumatic Brain Injury and Visual Impairment.                  

Child Find Information

The Special Education Coordinator of Dale County Board of Education is in the process of identifying all children with disabilities from birth to 21 years of age, who are not presently receiving special education services.

If you know of any disabled child or youth that is not being served in a school program, please contact Beverly Lampkin, Special Education Director at 334-774-2355 ext. 23229.


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Help Us Locate Children with Disabilities … Call 1-800-392-8020     Ages 3-21

                                                              1-800-543-3098 (V/TDD)  Birth through 2

                                                                         1-800-548-2547 Alabama Relay Service (voice only)


                                                        Alabama State Department of Education

                                                             Helping Individuals With Disabilities

                                                                     Alabama’s Child Find

                                                           Call your School or School System, or

                                                               1-800-392-8020 for Ages 3-21

                                                             1-800-543-3098 (V/TDD) for Birth through 2

Gifted Student Referral Process

Gifted students are those who perform or who have demonstrated the potential to perform at high levels in academic or creative fields when compared with others of their age, experience, or environment.  These children and youth require services not ordinarily provided by the regular school program.  Children and youth possessing these abilities can be found in all populations, across all economic strata, and in all areas of human endeavor.

A student may be referred by teachers, counselors, administrators, parents, or guardians, peers, self, or any other individuals with knowledge of the student's abilities. Additionally, all second grade students will be observed as potential gifted referrals using a gifted behavior check list. 

For each student, information is gathered in the following three areas:

1.  Aptitude.  Assessed through an individual or group test of intelligence or creativity;

2.  Characteristics.  A behavior rating scare designed to assess gifted behaviors is completed by a classroom teacher.

3.  Performance.  At least three indicators of performance at a gifted level such as achievement test scores, grades, products, work samples, and/or portfolios.

The scores from the assessments/items used are entered on a matrix where points are assigned according to established criteria.  The total number of points earned determines if the student qualifies for gifted services.

For more information contact Beverly Lampkin, Special Education Director, at 334-774-2355 ext. 23229.

Destruction of Records

Community Service Announcement

August 30, 2022

The Dale County Board of Education will be destroying Special Education Records for the years 1996 to 1999 after October 1, 2022. If your birth year is within this time, and you choose to receive the information, please contact Patrick Reed at 774-2355 before September 25,2022.

Identification and signed release of information will be required prior to the release of any Special Education records.


Patrick Reed
Special Education Director


334-774-2355  Ext:23229

Mandi Sneed
Instructional Specialist


334-774-2355  Ext:23236

Holly Rollins


334-774-2355  Ext:23236